Monday, March 26, 2012

Project Space

For our project we were supposed to observe the space in a particular area with our groups. For our group however, we could not find a way in which we could all really get together and go to our designated area. So instead we decided to go to the area by ourselves and at different days and times in order to find a way in which we could observe the space. So for our plan we decided to go watch the movie Project X in different theaters and times at which the movie came out so we could see the difference in the space. In my turn I decided to go to watch the movie like 2 weeks after the movie came out in order to find out how many people would still go. When I went I was really surprised with the amount of people that went to go watch the movie. The reason being because after a while certain movies soon loose attention by the audience, hence less and less people go the more its in the theaters. This movie however was an exception a ton of people were still going to watch it. As you will see in my presentation you will understand what I mean.

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