Monday, January 30, 2012

This is what some girls did on MySpace and now some other girls are starting to do it on Facebook........tell me it isn't true lol

Both Facebook and Myspace were groundbreaking when they first came out, like the article "Implications," explains both of these social networks were first used by older users such as people who were in their twenties and or in college. Both of the social networks eventually got down to the teenagers who just absolutely lost their minds because they had never expiernced this type of social media. As we all know Myspace was revolutionary because of the fact that it was the first social network and no one had ever seen anything like that. What most people really enjoyed was the fact of how friends could talk to each other and yet customize their own personal page to fit their specific style. I will be the first to admit that i too was amazed of how Myspace worked, I would remember how all of my friends would be talking about it all the time and i felt isolated because I did not have one. So I guess you could say that in order to follow the crowd and keep up with my friends I decided to make one. Once I created one I was hooked with all the endless applications a person could do. However once the newest social network Facebook came out people started to switch. I told my self that I would not change, however once I noticed how all of my friends were not on Myspace and were on Facebook i felt alone once again and i decided to switch in order to follow the crowd and keep up with the newest fad.

When the author does mention how Myspace is more used by people in lower social economic classes than in the higher class I was kind of shocked to hear that because of the fact that even though both me and my friends were still using it and some of my friends were rich. So I can honestly say that I didn't really experience this type of social classification when i switched from Myspace to Facebook. However I can relate to the author when they say how Facebook is classier than Myspace because I did notice that my friends would not use idiotic nicknames on Facebook in order to sound cool. Unlike on Myspace,  people on Facebook would use their actual names. The way i experienced it is that all teenagers in my area pretty much moved from Myspace to Facebook in a giant wave instead of it being a gradual shift.

The reason why I designed why I designed my Facebook was because most people did it as well, I would look incredibly weird if I would use the same type of language I did when i was on Myspace. For example, if I would use the number 3 for the letter E I dont think people on Facebook would take me seriously. When it did come to my identity on Facebook I decided to make it more professional than it was on Myspace, I actually used my full legal name. And like I had already explained when it comes to specific signs used on Myspace I dont think will be used on the classier Facebook and in my personal opinion I truly believe that Myspace has died and Facebook has emerged as the power social network, now we must wait until the newest form of social media starts.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012