Monday, April 16, 2012

Essay Proposal

For this is particular essay I have decided to do option one instead of the other option. The reason why, is because of the fact that I felt like I could have a much more personal connection. I thought that because in the example you gave us, you expressed how a particular subject could affect the space in our community. So in order to show my personal experiences I thought that I should talk about a subject that affects my entire community. One of the main things that I could think of that has really shaped people in community is music. Music has a very huge affect on people, some even think that music is there get away. However, music in my community has a different affect, music actually shapes the people. What I mean by that is that the lyrics that are said in the songs are actually portrayed in real life by these individuals. So in my essay I would like to focus on two ideas, which will be how the general population is shaped by music. While the other will be the affects music has on space. In my essay I believe that one of the main things I should really focus on is research on current high schools. The reason being that in high school, students are the individuals who usually do all the new things. For example when this type of music talks about the new drugs and alcoholic drinks they are doing. This also occurred with other things that this type of music would talk about. Other than music, television is another thing that changes the view on individuals; current shows that we see really change the space of people. Overall my essay will deal with how music and current television shows have and will shape the space of individuals and how their environment is. Above all I will also be focusing on how the identity of the general population can be changed after what they listen to and what they watch.

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