Monday, March 5, 2012

Project Space: CSUN

For this exercise we had to go out to a public area on campus in which our group had to discuss the space in which we were in. Our group decided to go to the PUB Grill. When we got there which was at around 9:45 there was people but not that much at all. There was only a certain amount of people who were there either eating their breakfast with their friends or studying. In the PUB there were a whole bunch of televisions that were on and all were showing sports related material. We could tell that the people who were in there at that time did not really care about the sports on the televisions. They were just there to get their stuff done. The space in the PUB was also very interesting because of how all the chairs and booths were arranged in. All the chairs and stools were in the middle and were pretty separate from each other, this allowed people to walk through the tables. The booths were all along the sides of the PUB which was a great idea since they were the biggest and by being put on the sides it allowed there to be more room in the middle. I also noticed that the bar in the PUB was also put along the side, however in this situation the bar was put in its own little corner. At first i could not think of why but then it hit me, the bar was put in the corner of the PUB in order to keep the alcoholic beverages in one area so that not everyone is going all different areas in the PUB to get beer. I also noticed that the line in which you paid for your food was separate from the bar. In this case of space we thought was very smart because there wouldn't just be one huge line in order to get either one. This kept the lines moving a whole lot quicker because the people got their food faster and the people who wanted their beers got them quicker as well. All in all i thought the space in the PUB was very well organized because it did not feel clostofobic. However who knows how the PUB might be once it got later, like between the hours of 5-10. This will be the time when more and more people come to eat, drink and watch the games that are being shown on the televisions.

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  1. I love the Pub, such an interesting place to explore. It's funny because it is suppose to be a sport kind of restaurant , but you could find various type of people there.Anyways I think the food there is good compared to other restaurant round CSUN, and the relation with the PUB and the sports game here is very close. I think the structur of the building suits the building very well not only the way it looks but the location. Ever since the SRC was built, the PUB is in the right area because it is around the sport stuff. The food there is awesome it is the kind of food that does not make you depress after you eat it *cough cough* geronimos. haha . Well I like the way you explain the seating for the PUB and I think it is a very smart idea because it creates a space where people could relax and not worry about bumping into other people .